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My mission is to preserve the foundational principles of the Web, bridging business with a hands-on approach to design and tech. I have extensive experience in the tech and media sectors, launching, selling, and failing in a range of startup endeavors.

I co-founded in the '90s, leading to its buyout in the mid-2000s. I then co-founded Twidroyd, the very first Android Twitter app that scaled to millions of users.
I invented Popurls, a ground-breaking and Webby Award-winning Web 2.0 news aggregator, which spawned an entire generation of news delivery formats. Both were acquired by Idealab in 2010.
I launched the first dedicated read-it-later service and a real-time news search engine, both of which were acquired in 2014.
I worked with Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly on the CoolTools relaunch, and joined the founding team of three Idealab companies, one of which went public in 2023.
Most recently, I launched BizToc with an investment from Mark Cuban.

I've had my share of setbacks with ventures like blogging platforms, social marketplaces, monetizing newsletters, a sports nutrition business, a fashion deal aggregator, a corporate PR tool, among many others that didn't turn out as hoped.

I'm a recognized expert in media and news aggregation and contributor to OpenBB — the open-source Bloomberg terminal. I'm occasionally available for consulting.


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