Thomas Marban

“Everyone thinks they are interesting”

Since 1998 I’ve launched, sold and failed multiple tech & media businesses with hands-on work in technology, design and strategy.

  • Back in the days, I co-founded Celum (Buyout)
  • Co-founded the very first Android Twitter app Twidroyd (Acquired by Idealab)
  • Launched the most popular Web 2.0 news aggregator Popurls (Acquired by Idealab)
  • Created a read-it-later service before Instapaper was a thing (Undisclosed acquisition)
  • Created a real-time news search engine (Undisclosed acquisition)
  • Launched Upstract, successor of Popurls
  • Joined the founding team of three Idealab companies
  • Founded BizToc, a Mark Cuban Company
  • In-between, I failed in building several blogging platforms, monetizing a newsletter, launching a sports nutrition business, selling a single T-Shirt, running a fashion deal aggregator or building a corporate PR tool. But don’t worry, I’ll spare you the truly embarrassing ideas.

I’m located in Austria but also spend a significant amount of time in Japan.