Thomas Marban


Toward an Originary News Aggregator

In 20 years of running the original gangster of news aggregators, I’ve learned one thing: Don’t break the grid.

Upstract.com is going to change. But the concept of putting the whole Web on a single page is not going anywhere — Yet, I think there’s something new to explore.
News consumption has shifted from relational to utilitarian. Based on affinity, you picked the publication first and consequently picked the headlines. The source was the message. In contrast, today, you stumble upon an article before even examining where it came from — most likely, it’s been bleached through intransparent algorithms and well-intentioned filters.
Now, this efficient influx of headlines does have its upsides. Still, I think we can merge the best of both approaches:
A torrent of headlines and a dedicated group of news enthusiasts that shape a very own authority of distinguished human curation.

Some of you might remember the fun of Digg 1.0 or Reddit without the hate. I think it’s time to dig up this original spirit and adapt it to the behavioral challenges of today’s news consumption.

Without Curation, the News Is a Race to the Bottom.

So after one year of work, I’m introducing Upstract.com V2 — the site you’ve loved for years, coupled with a space for all of you to post interesting, absorbing, thought-provoking links, text, pictures, and the occasional GIF.
And because it’s 2020, you won’t find a single tracking cookie from Google, Facebook, and the other guys on Upstract. Just like it should be.
For all the details on the community part, I encourage you the check out the FAQs and for now, let’s keep the good news coming.